Nina Nesbitt got her Bliss Mag plus more

Nina Nesbitt was very happy while holding her own “Bliss Magazine”. She quoted in her Instagram, 

Dey put me in a magazine mawghg


Isn’t she a cute little fella?!!! She cant believe she’s actually in the magazine!! Hahaha! Bliss Magazine feature 3 pages of Nina Nesbitt. Got mine already this week, big thanks to my friend, Martin. 


Want to know what’s inside? Since im a generous kid, im sharing it all to you Nesbians! Enjoy!



Nina Nesbitt on BLISS Magazine

Nina Nesbitt is featured in BLISS magazine for the March issue. Grab your copies now. It’s worth 3 pages of Nina. She looks so beautiful. So I decided to grab a copy of it through the help of a good friend. He already mailed it yesterday, it’s on its way to the Philippines now! Excited!

Here’s a peek!