Nina Nesbitt turned Labels down

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Nina Nesbitt turned labels down

08 March 2013

Nina Nesbitt turned down most record labels to preserve her creative freedom.

The 18-year old singer turned down offersfrom major record different labels before finally signing with Island and took her time because she wanted to grow and develop her own unique sound.

She told BANG Showbiz: ”I’ve met people from the industry that have been signed before when they were like 15 and they’ve had these labels turn them into something they don’t want. I never wanted that.

”I felt like I wanted to do it by myself. Not have the pressure of selling things and make it more about putting the music out there and seeing if people liked it.”

Nina was discovered by Ed Sheeran in 2011 after she played him a song at a radio gig and he invited her on tour, and she loves being on the road.

She said: ”I’m from a small village where everyone knows everyone. I think I’ve made a lot of new fans on the tour around the UK in places I’ve never visited before.

”I love travelling. I really wanted to travel anyway so it’s great to be able to do that as part of a job.”

Nina is releasing her EP ‘Stay Out’ on 8th April, she will also be playing London’s Islington Assembly Hall on March 12th and Edinburgh’s Liquid Room March 16th.




Nina Nesbitt feature in Company Magazine

Company Magazine website feature NINA NESBITT as one of the “Three New Girls to listen to in 2013”




Forget Gaga and her ‘Little Monsters’, Justin and his ‘Beliebers’ and even Jessie J and her ‘heartbeats’, 2013 is going to be dominated by ‘Nesbians’- the self-named super fans of the lovely Nina Nesbitt who she chats to in a special Nesbian code via her website. Cute or what?

Nina has already wowed the crowd in her homeland of Scotland at T in the Park, racked up 50,000 Twitter followers and thanks to chance meetings, twitter convos and a lot of determination she has already supported Ed Sheeran, Example and Rizzle Kicks on their sell-out tours.

The 18-year-old half-Scot half-Swedish lass with an enviable blonde mane of hair that frames her signature red lips and eyeliner flicks is truly an artist of her generation – she started her career by uploading videos of covers on Youtube, writing songs and teaching herself how to play guitar at the age of 15, all whilst staying in direct contact with her fans and finishing off at school. Phew!

Her debut EP, ‘The Apple Tree’ reached number 6 in the ITunes chart and track of the name same name was Fearne Cotton’s single of the week on Radio 1. She also released track, ‘Boy’ online which has received a cray amount of Youtube hits.

Skip forward to 2013 and Nesbitt is on the brink of releasing her debut single due early Feb with an album to boot in the summer which has been produced with Jake Gosling [He’s worked with the likes of Paloma Faith and One Direction FYI].


I was lucky enough to catch up with Nina for a quick chat recently where she told me that the album would be “like The Apple Tree EP but with a bit of a grungier feel too.” It’s set to be a mix of ballads and upbeat acoustic tracks with lyrics that touch upon adolescence, love and break ups.

Fans of 2012’s golden boy, Ed Sheeran will undoubtedly love Nina and not just because the pair have already worked together. Nina offers the female perspective of confessional and relatable lyrics with catchy melodies- something that Ed cracked when he initially debuted last year.

When I asked Nina if she was nervous when touring with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Example, she replied in her typically nonchalant yet understated way, “I don’t really get nervous, it was good practice I guess”. Unfazed or what? A confident young woman who has defied the rules, loves her fans and broken into the industry in her own way is just what the chart needs – she has the talent to back up the bravado too…We officially want to be a part of the Nesbian crew!


– Emily Stockham


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Nina Nesbitt on Women Talking

Nina Nesbitt is featured in Women Talking. A simple article about Nina and her latest EP, The Apple Tree. Check it out HERE.

People always say it takes years to discover their passion in life.
But for 17 year-old Nina Nesbitt, she knew almost immediately that music was her true calling.
“I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a musician; I constantly wrote songs and still to this day my life revolves around music.”


Nina Nesbitt interviewed by

Nina Nesbitt done a lot of interviews recently.. here’s another interview by

Check it out here.  🙂

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Nina Nesbitt is a seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter from Edinburgh who has just released her second EP in the form of The Apple Tree EP, which is a flawless collection of well-crafted and intelligent pop songs.



Review – Nina Nesbitt – The Apple Tree EP by The Edinburgh Reporter

An article and review of Nina Nesbitt’s The Apple Tree EP by The Edinburgh Reporter, written by Mark Mckinlay

Hype is a beautiful thing. It’s that magical quality that can transform you from pulling pints to downing champagne in a matter of mere months. With the stroke of a few pens bands are made or broken.

And Edinburgh’s very own Nina Nesbitt has spades of it. Catapulted from a Youtube treasure to supporting Ed Sheeran and Example at massive UK shows at the end of last year, she has definitely caught the attention of many a commentator.



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Nina Nesbitt featured on Daily Unsigned as Daily Fresh Pick!

Today Nina Nesbitt is featured on Daily article by Rob Daily

Link:  Nina Nesbitt on Daily Unsigned

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Nina Nesbitt fascinates me to no end….with her pitch perfect vocal delivery in “hook” laden songs…there is no doubt she is destined for greatness!

Undeniable talent!


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