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Got a question? suggestions?

You can contact us:

Twitter: @NinaNesbittPH and @NinaNesbittBE

Facebook: Nina Nesbitt Philippines and Nina Nesbitt Belgium



18 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Swifty says:

    ninanesbitt gets national radio airplay for #TheAppleTreeEP at 1:08:00 : Fearne Cotton: Tuesday:

  2. Swifty says:

    thought you might be interested to see this .. .

  3. SWIFTY!!! THANK YOU for your updates!! i wonder if i can talk to u personally!! want to make u co- admin if u want… here in the blog! THANKS!!

  4. Swifty says:

    Hello there, oOOOoH It’s been too long since I posted. Hope this finds all Nesbians well.
    In my excitement at seeing Nina tonight in Glasgow I was surfing around (getting in the mood) and came across this .. another artistic Nesbian at work … they look fantastic !!

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