Nina Nesbitt USTREAM 5/29/12

Nina Nesbitt had her USTREAM last 29th of May!
A lot of Nessies participated in the chat.
This is only an AUDIO version! ENJOY!

Furthermore, she showed her little studio, answered some question from her fans, and promote some of her merch in her store like the bracelet, shirts and and her The Apple Tree EP! In addition, aside from playing ONLY LOVE, she sang SKINNY LOVE by Bon Iver and her last song was NOSERINGS AND SHOESTRINGS!!!
its like we are just watching her gig, LIVE! AWESOME USTREAM!

prepared by @NinaNesbittPH


Nina Nesbitt, looking for a “Guitar Name”

On her latest Livechat yesterday, Nina Nesbitt announced that she will be having a contest to those living near Edinburgh. The contest is about finding a name for her new Martin guitar. And for the person who can come up with a unique name for her guitar, she or he will win a 6 week guitar workshop course in Edinburgh. How cool is that! πŸ™‚

Just e-mail your entries on or before April 28 with a subject β€˜Name Nessie’s guitar’ to

-j (NinanNesbittPH)

Nina Nesbitt’s Ustream…

Everyone is looking forward to the release of The Apple Tree EP right?

Miss Nesbitt herself, is going to be doing a Ustream at 11:30pm TOMORROW!! Here is the link to her Ustream page:

ImageSo remember PRE-ORDER The Apple Tree EP and WATCH Nina Nesbitt on Ustream 11:30pm TOMORROW as the EP goes on Pre-Order…