Nina Nesbitt Rehearsing with a Band

Nina Nesbitt got herself a band for her upcoming Β tour in March. She will going to play some new songs from her upcoming EP and album. Who got their tickets already??!!





Nina Nesbitt at The Bowery in London (25/04/2012, recorded with my iPod)

This week I realised I had recorded a bit of Nina’s gig at The Bowery in London (25/04/2012) with my iPod so it won’t be top quality but the sound is quite good if I may say so πŸ™‚ You hear a bit of ‘Seesaw’, then ‘Hold You’, ‘Love The Way You Lie Part 2’ and ‘Only Love’.

Watch it beneath:


She is amazing live and I hope to see her again this year or in the future.


Read my gig report of Nina’s gig at The Bowery in London – 25/04/2012

I aka NinaNesbittBE saw Nina Nesbitt last week at The Bowery in London and I wrote a gig report about it on my own blog which you can read over hereΒ if you want to.

I hope you’ll like reading it case you’ll read it.

In the meanwhile here is one of the many photos that I took of Nina, I’m quite happy with the photos that I took of Nina.

Did any of you see Nina during her UK tour or did you see her supporting Ed Sheeran/Example maybe? Did any of you Nessies see her live before or will any of you see her in the future? Let us know πŸ™‚