Nina Nesbitt Rehearsing with a Band

Nina Nesbitt got herself a band for her upcoming  tour in March. She will going to play some new songs from her upcoming EP and album. Who got their tickets already??!!





Nina Nesbitt at The Bowery in London (25/04/2012, recorded with my iPod)

This week I realised I had recorded a bit of Nina’s gig at The Bowery in London (25/04/2012) with my iPod so it won’t be top quality but the sound is quite good if I may say so 🙂 You hear a bit of ‘Seesaw’, then ‘Hold You’, ‘Love The Way You Lie Part 2’ and ‘Only Love’.

Watch it beneath:


She is amazing live and I hope to see her again this year or in the future.


Read my gig report of Nina’s gig at The Bowery in London – 25/04/2012

I aka NinaNesbittBE saw Nina Nesbitt last week at The Bowery in London and I wrote a gig report about it on my own blog which you can read over here if you want to.

I hope you’ll like reading it case you’ll read it.

In the meanwhile here is one of the many photos that I took of Nina, I’m quite happy with the photos that I took of Nina.

Did any of you see Nina during her UK tour or did you see her supporting Ed Sheeran/Example maybe? Did any of you Nessies see her live before or will any of you see her in the future? Let us know 🙂