Nina Nesbitt supports CRUK

Our very own Nina Nesbitt supports CRUK (Cancer Research UK’s) campaign, Made In The Shade.

I’m supporting Cancer Research UK ‘madeintheshadeuk’ campaign โ€“ get creative with your own support video… more creative than mine




PenPal Challenge Update: Belgium to France!

The first destination of he Penpal Challenge is Belgium, and now the letter is already in France right now as we speak. As a request by Nina Nesbitt, ย whoever got the letter must take a pic with it. So here are some fellow Nessies ย who got the letter already. So after France…who’s next?





So all around the world, Nessies participated on a Nina Nesbitt Birthday video prepared by our dear own Nina Nesbitt Belgium.
Check the video here!!!

Hope you are having a great day today and we love you so much!!! Did you see how many people love you!!! Please stay sweet as always and goodluck in your career. Take care of you health too!! EAT a lot!! hahaha xx


Nina’s birthday is next month so join these two awesome projects!

I can’t tell you that much on here as Nina might be able to read this but all I can say is that there will be two projects. A photo project and a video project. The photo project will be held by @MlleSvenskah on Twitter and the video project by me, NinaNesbittBE. It would be so much fun if as many Nessies as possible would join this! So if you want to participate and wish Nina a happy 18th birthday, send me, NinaNesbittBE an e-mail to ninanesbittbe @ hotmail .com (no spaces of course) and ask me how to join it then. If you have any questions, don’t hesistate to ask either of us! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks so much in advance for wanting to participate!


Fanbook for Nina Nesbitt!

NESSIES and NESBIANS!!! How are you all doing? Anyways, today Im going to share a post from our fellow Nessies @orianetranvu @fannyzammite @feriel_ who are trying to gather our messages to Nina Nesbitt for the Fanbook.

Nessies and Nesbians worldwide can absolutely join in this project!

For more info visit theย  link or read it below. Thank you!

Hello, we would like to do a project on Nina Nesbitt. We would show her that her fans of all around the world support her. If you donโ€™t know her yet, come on and watch it : .

Our project is to create a fanbook with your texts , photos and videos. We will print the photos, the videosโ€™ll be on key usb (?) and your texts will be write by ourself. If you make a photo and a text you’ll have 1 page but if you make just a photo or just a text you’ll have a half-page. Make it alone or with your friends!The project start at 15 participantes. There is no theme for the photos, be creative !

The texts have to be in english . Weโ€™ll give the fanbook the 18th November if she comes to Ed Sheeranโ€™s concert (Rumor) or weโ€™ll send to her .
If you have questions : @orianetranvu @fannyzammite @feriel_ . Send to us your photos/texts/videos on Twitter, Twitlonger ( texts), on youtube ( videos) or on . Thanks !

so we got a lot of time ๐Ÿ™‚

-j (NinaNesbittPH)

Scrapbook Project by Nessies and Nesbians!

Nessies and Nesbians around the world are preparing a SCRAPBOOK PROJECT for Nina Nesbitt. A lot of Nesbians and Nessies are gathering tweets, pics,messages for those who want to join in the said project!

Nina looking pretty in a dress~

For those who are willing to participate on the SCRAPBOOK PROJECT, just tweet or dm these Nessies/Nesbians:

@IrishSheeranFam and @HiHelloImLauren

Im not sure if they are in the same scrapbook team, but just tweet and Dm them your messages. Thank you!

-j (NinaNesbittPH)