Nina Nesbitt got her Bliss Mag plus more

Nina Nesbitt was very happy while holding her own “Bliss Magazine”. She quoted in her Instagram, 

Dey put me in a magazine mawghg


Isn’t she a cute little fella?!!! She cant believe she’s actually in the magazine!! Hahaha! Bliss Magazine feature 3 pages of Nina Nesbitt. Got mine already this week, big thanks to my friend, Martin. 


Want to know what’s inside? Since im a generous kid, im sharing it all to you Nesbians! Enjoy!



Another New MV from Nina Nesbitt tomorrow!!!

Nina Nesbitt revealed earlier that there’s a new mv from her upcoming Stay Out EP. Nesbians, keep on guessing what’s the next mv of hers. Most of us guessing “No Interest” but Nina confirmed it is not it.

Well, I think we will just have to wait for it. It is between “Just Before Goodbye” or “Statues”. CANT WAIT!



Nina Needs Help for #StayOut Fanmade MV



Nina quoted this in her site:

Hello everyone! To celebrate the release of my new EP Stay Out at the start of April, I’d like all of your help to make a fan-made video. All you need to do is share a Stay Out themed Instagram photo or Vine on my Facebook or Twitter pages using #StayOut This could be you and your friends on a night out, or anything which you feel represents #StayOut

We’ll be collecting your pics and Vines for a month in total. Happy Sharing 🙂

You can set up an Instagram account here.

Or download the new Vine app here for iPhone 


What are you waiting for.. upload your #StayOut pics now!! Been uploading mine lately!! x