Nina Nesbitt got her Bliss Mag plus more

Nina Nesbitt was very happy while holding her own “Bliss Magazine”. She quoted in her Instagram, 

Dey put me in a magazine mawghg


Isn’t she a cute little fella?!!! She cant believe she’s actually in the magazine!! Hahaha! Bliss Magazine feature 3 pages of Nina Nesbitt. Got mine already this week, big thanks to my friend, Martin. 


Want to know what’s inside? Since im a generous kid, im sharing it all to you Nesbians! Enjoy!



Nina Needs Help for #StayOut Fanmade MV



Nina quoted this in her site:

Hello everyone! To celebrate the release of my new EP Stay Out at the start of April, I’d like all of your help to make a fan-made video. All you need to do is share a Stay Out themed Instagram photo or Vine on my Facebook or Twitter pages using #StayOut This could be you and your friends on a night out, or anything which you feel represents #StayOut

We’ll be collecting your pics and Vines for a month in total. Happy Sharing 🙂

You can set up an Instagram account here.

Or download the new Vine app here for iPhone 


What are you waiting for.. upload your #StayOut pics now!! Been uploading mine lately!! x