Nina Nesbitt interviewed by Coup de Main Magazine

So here’s an article/interview of Nina Nesbitt by Coup de Main Magazine.

Nina Nesbitt at Coup de Main Magazine


Nina Nesbitt, “BOY” first Radio play at Fearne Cotton!

So Nessies where all surprised that Nina Nesbitt’s BOY aired at Fearne Cotton’s segment at BBCR1. So most Nessies wasn’t able to listen live. But thanks to THE HOUSE OF COXHEAD they recorded it, and most Nessies got to listen to the BOY single.

The single is pretty awesome. Check it out here: The House of Coxhead – Nina Nesbitt BOY (Radio Ripped)

Nina Nesbitt Announces Scottish Tour Dates!

Recently Nina Nesbitt announces her Scottish Tour Dates. So I guess Scottish fans are excited to meet Nina again.

Not a long time ago, Nina had her free garden gig with them too.. πŸ™‚ Lucky Nessies. Anyways, don’t forget to buy tickets for her BOY tour.

Scottish Tour Dates:

and check this STV article featuring Nina Nesbitt about the said Scottish dates.

Nina Nesbitt Scottish Autumn Tour

Tickets are available to buy now from,, and

Watch a Nina Nesbitt Inspired Makeup Tutorial by Chyaz!

A great friend of mine called Chyaz who makes videos such as makeup tutorials wanted to thank me in a special way because I’ve been supporting her since the beginning and she did that by making a makeup tutorial inspired by the lovely Nina Nesbitt!
Thank you so much once again! It made me smile a lot πŸ™‚

Check it out beneath

If you’re interested in beauty, fashion and/or lifestyle videos, you should check out her videos for sure, I really love them in any case. Her YouTube channel is called punkchyaz.

Enjoy the makeup tutorial, I loved it! πŸ™‚