Nina Nesbitt Video Compilation @ Sweden

Nina Nesbitt had her small gig at Kungstrรคdgรฅrden, Central Stockholm last July 24th. Check out this awesome vid a fan compiled!

Nina Nesbitt posted this vid on her twitter and facebook:

One of the swedish fans from the gig yesterday put this video together, thanks Caroline!

Thanks toย ย for the video!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Nina Nesbitt supports CRUK

Our very own Nina Nesbitt supports CRUK (Cancer Research UK’s) campaign, Made In The Shade.

I’m supporting Cancer Research UK ‘madeintheshadeuk’ campaign โ€“ get creative with your own support video… more creative than mine



Nina Nesbitt Arrival in Sweden

So Nina Nesbitt just arrived at Sveden! And an awesome and sweet fan welcomes her with a bouquet of flowers and a “NINA NESBITT” sign. How adorable of her.

Nina is planning to have a small acoustic gig with her fans on the 24th. So here’s what Nina wrote on her wall about the acoustic gig.

My acoustic garden gig in STOCKHOLM will take place on Tuesday 24th July in Kungstradgarden at 3pm, near the church of St.Jacobs. I will keep you all updated on Twitter on Tuesday, look forward to meeting you all again! Vi ses snart ๐Ÿ™‚

So STOCKHOLM Nessies, what are you waiting for. Be sure to be there!


PenPal Challenge Update: Belgium to France!

The first destination of he Penpal Challenge is Belgium, and now the letter is already in France right now as we speak. As a request by Nina Nesbitt, ย whoever got the letter must take a pic with it. So here are some fellow Nessies ย who got the letter already. So after France…who’s next?





So all around the world, Nessies participated on a Nina Nesbitt Birthday video prepared by our dear own Nina Nesbitt Belgium.
Check the video here!!!

Hope you are having a great day today and we love you so much!!! Did you see how many people love you!!! Please stay sweet as always and goodluck in your career. Take care of you health too!! EAT a lot!! hahaha xx