Nina made an interpretation of The Funeral by Band of Horses

Nina just posted this on her Facebook page:

Got a bit bored in my little studio today and made an interpretation of The Funeral by Band of Horses. Hope you like!

It’s truly beautiful, she has a voice of an angel. Do listen with headphones she said.

What do you Nessies think about it?



Fanbook for Nina Nesbitt!

NESSIES and NESBIANS!!! How are you all doing? Anyways, today Im going to share a post from our fellow Nessies @orianetranvu @fannyzammite @feriel_ who are trying to gather our messages to Nina Nesbitt for the Fanbook.

Nessies and Nesbians worldwide can absolutely join in this project!

For more info visit the  link or read it below. Thank you!

Hello, we would like to do a project on Nina Nesbitt. We would show her that her fans of all around the world support her. If you don’t know her yet, come on and watch it : .

Our project is to create a fanbook with your texts , photos and videos. We will print the photos, the videos’ll be on key usb (?) and your texts will be write by ourself. If you make a photo and a text you’ll have 1 page but if you make just a photo or just a text you’ll have a half-page. Make it alone or with your friends!The project start at 15 participantes. There is no theme for the photos, be creative !

The texts have to be in english . We’ll give the fanbook the 18th November if she comes to Ed Sheeran’s concert (Rumor) or we’ll send to her .
If you have questions : @orianetranvu @fannyzammite @feriel_ . Send to us your photos/texts/videos on Twitter, Twitlonger ( texts), on youtube ( videos) or on . Thanks !

so we got a lot of time 🙂

-j (NinaNesbittPH)

Nina Nesbitt Interview by Michael Barwise

An interview of Nina Nesbitt by Michael Barwise (he tweeted it by himself to us,thanks man) , dated Feb 12,2012.

Check it out here in his blog!!! Exclusive Interview! Click here!

Nina Nesbitt is a 17 year old singer songwriter from Edinburgh. A rising star with an appearance in the new Ed Sheeran video (“Drunk“); a support slot for Example’s UK tour and she received airplay of her new single ‘Glue’ on BBC Radio 1 last week. I sent her some questions about her inspirations and what to expect from her in the future.

cr. Michael Music Madness (blog)

-j (NinaNesbittPH)

Review – Nina Nesbitt – The Apple Tree EP by The Edinburgh Reporter

An article and review of Nina Nesbitt’s The Apple Tree EP by The Edinburgh Reporter, written by Mark Mckinlay

Hype is a beautiful thing. It’s that magical quality that can transform you from pulling pints to downing champagne in a matter of mere months. With the stroke of a few pens bands are made or broken.

And Edinburgh’s very own Nina Nesbitt has spades of it. Catapulted from a Youtube treasure to supporting Ed Sheeran and Example at massive UK shows at the end of last year, she has definitely caught the attention of many a commentator.



and thanks to Swifty for the update!

-j (NinaNesbittPH)