My interview with Nina through e-mail

Some weeks ago before The Apple Tree EP was released, I was able to do an interview with Nina through e-mail, big thanks to Dave who made that possible back then. The questions I asked were not only about The Apple Tree EP or music but also about her beauty routine, her hair and more.

Read it below, hope you’ll enjoy reading it.


Hi Nina!

First of all, you were amazing in Brussels, Belgium and I’m looking forward to seeing you again! Thank you so much. I loved Brussels!

Some questions I had so that fans can get to know you a little better are

-Which artists made you want to become a singer/songwriter?

I’ve been singing as long as I can remember and used to play Pop Idol in my house with my friends when I was very young (haha embarrassing). I listened to artists such as Eva Cassidy, Joni Mitchell, Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston to name a few when I was younger.

-Which artists influence you, I know you don’t  have any in particular but which artists do you look up to?

I take inspiration from Ellie Goulding, Eva Cassidy, Bon Iver and (The Weeknd whilst i’m experimenting with production). I  like Ed Sheeran, & Ben Howards music a lot. I also listen to Example as I’m inspired by his lyrical content in his songs and I like Nirvana. I like most music genres as they all have different things to offer, so listen to most things.

-With which musicians/artists would you like to do a collaboration later?

I’d love to do a collaboration with Example at some point. We are quite different, so it would be interesting to see what could come out of a collaboration. We’re going to write together soon!


-With which artists did you grow up listening to?

I have many inspirations that I draw on and they are all very diverse. In the early days I listened a lot to people like Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera and Eva Cassidy to name a few.

-I read that if you wouldn’t be a singer/songwriter, you would probably be a fashion designer. Who is your favourite fashion designer and how would you describe your own style?

 Yes, probably a fashion designer or a psychologist. I guess I do have a bit of a Vintage look about me sometimes, as I like wearing clothes that are comfortable and pretty classic really. In terms of fashion designers I like chanel and LV.


-Which songs are your favourite songs to cover and I read you did “Love Story” in the past, have you done more covers by Taylor Swift and will you ever show it on YouTube?

When I got my first guitar, Taylor Swift had her new album out and I used to cover some of her songs so that I could learn to play the guitar. Love Story was one of the songs which I had up on my YouTube channel a long time ago.


-As The Apple Tree EP is coming up, how would you describe the sound of the EP and which are your favourite songs or favourite song from The Apple Tree EP?

This will be my first ever properly produced EP as the last one was pure live takes. I still keep the sounds of guitar and piano mainly but also like to experiment and add a few electronic base beats here and there. You will have to wait and see what it sounds like and I hope you will like it. I have a few favourite songs on this EP, The Apple Tree track is definitely one of them 🙂

-Can you explain what The Apple Tree is about exactly? I read somewhere that it’s about growing up? I guess it is about growing up, about the transition from child to adult hood and all the temptations you come across along the way. A lot of my lyrics are metaphors relating to things in that transition period of peoples lives.


-You look beautiful without make and with makeup, how do you manage to do that? What is your beauty and hair routine when you get up and which products do you use? If you could only pick 3 beauty items to take with you, what would it be? Haha I don’t know about that but thank you for that comment! My routine in the morning is basically throw myself in the shower, put a small amount of make up on to look more awake and scrunch my hair dry with the hair dryer quickly. I don’t use any specific products, just whatever is around at the time really. But I do condition my hair as otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get a brush through it, haha! My 3 beauty products would definitely be hair conditioner, black eyeliner and some form of lipstick.


-How do you keep your hair so long and beautiful? Any tips for people that want long hair or want to make their hair grow longer?

It has taken me years to grow it long like this and I have a fabulous hairdresser who looks after it for me now. The trick to grow it long is to have regular tiny trims of your hair to keep it healthy at the ends, however short hair styles can look really cool too I think. It really depends on what each person suits.


-Have you died your hair in the past and if yes, which colours? Do you have any tattoos or piercings and if not, would you like to?

Dark brown, Light brown and Blonde. I have my ears pierced but I don’t have any tattoos. I might be tempted to get a small tattoo one day.


-What do you think is a no-no, what you really don’t like in the fashion and beauty area?

I think everyone is their own person and what suits me might not suit someone else and vise versa, so I wouldn’t like to say never do this or do that. Each person is so individual and they have to choose themselves what style they like and what they feel comfortable with.

-What are your favourite places to travel to ? And which places do you recommend your fans to go to when they are in the UK such as London? Any hotspots? And which places would you like to travel to that you haven’t been to yet?  I love travelling all over the world really, London is my favourite but I’m still finding my way round there too as I am from Edinburgh. London is definitely worth a trip for anyone as is Edinburgh in Scotland, lots to see and do. There are so many places I haven’t been too yet and would love to visit such as more of Europe, America, Australia, Japan & China and many more.

-I know that you have Swedish roots so what kind of things can you say in Swedish?

Yes, my mum is Swedish so I have grown up listening to the language all my life and can speak a little Swedish like, my name, how are you and so on. I understand more than I can speak of course but maybe I will go and spend more time in Sweden some time in the future and learn it fluently 🙂


-As I love watching movies and TV series, what are your favourite movies and TV series? And who is your favourite actress and actor?

I don’t really spend a lot of time watching TV as I love writing & making music most of the time when I have some spare time. But when I do watch it I like comedy movies which are easy to watch and funny.

-Favourite food and drink? Pizza, pasta, steak & water – easy choice!


-What was your first album ever if you can remember? And what is your favourite song of all times if you can choose?

I’m sure it was something like S Club7 or something like that. My favourite song of all time is Re Stacks by Bon Iver. Also loving Wicked Games & High For This by The Weeknd at the moment.

-I read on Facebook that you have a fear of dogs, how come if I may ask? You don’t have to reply if you don’t want to of course.

Not sure really. I’m okay with dogs that I know, it’s just dogs that are unfamiliar to me I feel a bit uneasy about at first until I get to know their temperament better.

Some dogs are really cute and I do like them a lot but I think I’m definitely more of a cat person, haha!

-Where do you want to be or what would you like to have achieved in 10 years? Do you think you will still be living in Scotland? Would you like to have your own clothing line maybe?

Oh my, that is a big question! In 10 years time I will be 27 years old! Wow, I would love to turn around at 27 and say I was a successful song writer, artist and music producer. I would love to share my music with everyone around the world but also encourage other young artists to write, perform and do well within the music industry and get a chance to show off their skills and talents. Not sure if I will be able to stay in Scotland full time to do that, may have to live in a few different places for a while to achieve my goals as it depends on where the work opportunities come from in the world really. I’d love to live in London as there is always so much going on. I would love to have my own brand one day too for sure, clothing, make up , perfume, jewellery and so on. I have a lot of ideas in my head.


-As last, your fans in Europe are missing you already, do you think you will come back to Europe soon and especially Belgium? And what can the fans expect from your upcoming EP The Apple Tree? I will definitely be back around Europe to play and Belgium will be on my map to come back to for sure – I loved playing there and it is such a lovely place too. I would like to stay longer than one day next time 🙂

‘The Apple Tree’ is a properly produced studio EP where I have decided to keep the sounds of my guitar & piano, but I have also added electric guitar on a few tracks and some electronic base beats here and there. You will have to wait and see what it sounds like and I hope you will like it. Exciting times 🙂

Thanks for your time in advance Nina and I’m looking forward to see you in London in April. Very excited to hear your upcoming EP The Apple Tree! Keep it up with the great work, you’re amazing! My pleasure, look forward to seeing you in London too!! Take care 🙂 Nina x



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