Nina Nesbitt featured in Edinburgh,The Evening News

Nina Nesbitt is featured in Edinburgh ,The Evening News… check out the positive/cool review!


Review: Nina Nesbitt, Electric Circus

By Gary Flockhart
Published on Monday 30 April 2012 12:00

Nina Nesbitt is becoming quite the phenomenon these days.


Nina Nesbitt is becoming quite the phenomenon these days.

The Capital singer-songwriter has been in such searingly hot demand in the past few months that she admits herself that it almost feels like she’s waking up from a brilliant dream.

In that time she’s opened for both Ed Sheeran and Example on tour, signed a deal with the mighty BMG Chrysalis music, and seen her latest EP climb into the iTunes chart Top 10.

Not bad for someone who was writing and performing songs in her bedroom this time last year.

As expected, a healthy-sized crowd turned out at Electric Circus on Saturday to see what all the fuss is surrounding the 17-year-old former Balerno High School pupil.

The first thing that struck when she belted out opening number Noserings And Shoestrings was just how pitch-perfect her sumptuous voice is.

But the half Scottish, half Swedish singer, who has been compared to fellow Brits Ellie Goulding and Laura Marling, also has a songwriting talent that belies her years.

Her stage demeanour was relaxed and chatty, and you got the impression the singer knew a fair few of those in attendance.

Her fans, “Nessies” and “Nesbians”, as they like to call themselves, sung along word perfect from start to finish without fail.

Highlights were Only Love, Hold You and the gorgeous, piano-led Make Me Fall.

With her debut album still in the making, Nesbitt bulked-up her 45-minute set with arresting covers of Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie and Example’s Stay Awake, which was fitting considering she’s joining the singer/rapper on his UK arena tour this week.

Before departing the stage at the end to rapturous applause, Nesbitt closed with the title track and lead single from her The Apple Tree EP, an irresistible song with a catchy pop melody.

On this evidence, superstardom beckons for the prodigiously-talented youngster.

What do you guys think?? Nina is the next BIG thing! Good luck Nina!

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Entertainment Winner, Nina Nesbitt at Young Scot Award

Nina Nesbitt won at Young Scot Award. Check out the exclusive short vid from The Daily Record website.

Rising Scots singer Nina Nesbitt won this year’s Entertainment Award. The 17 year-old is tipped to be one of the major stars in the British charts over the next year.

Nina Nesbitt won at Young Scot Award


Thanks to Swifty for the heads up!

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Nina Nesbitt for Anti-Hit List? released an article about Nina Nesbitt as #9 Anti-Hit List for April 28. Thoughts anyone?


The Apple Tree

According to the British press, this 17-year-old Edinburgh artist is the significant other of soon-to-be-big-here Ed Sheeran. As this sparkling new single proves, however, Nesbitt is no mere celebrity appendage. Sounding like countrywoman Amy Macdonald, she powers her way through a tough yet nimble acoustic rocker. Also worth checking out is her late-night cover of David Gray’s “Babylon,” which she reclaims in part by snubbing the original’s indelible guitar hook. (From The Apple Tree EP)

How many times do we have to clear it up that NINA NESBITT is NOT dating ED SHEERAN! *case-close*

But on the other hand, Nina is overwhelmed that her The Apple Tree EP reached in Canada and a lot of Canadian Nessies supports her. Nina claimed, she likes to visit there soon too!

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Nina Nesbitt at Scottish Daily Record

Nina Nesbitt was featured at Scottish Daily Record Youtube

Rising Scots singer Nina Nesbitt won this year’s Entertainment Award. The 17 year-old is tipped to be one fo the major stars in the British charts over the next year.

Young Scot TV

Nina Nesbitt, from Balerno in Edinburgh was crowned winner of the 2012 Entertainment award. The talented singer is hotly tipped to be Scotland’s next big star. Following successful tours, both of her own and in support of Ed Sheeran, Nina is due to release her debut album. She is an inspiring young Scot and one to watch out for in the near future.

Credit: Scottish Daily Record Youtube Channel
Young Scot TV Youtube Channel

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